Monday , September 28 2020

Earth Demands More Afghani Bikini Babes

The Miss Earth contest gives Afghani contestant special “beauty for a cause” award – good call. Meanwhile, back in the land time forgot, assplow rattles sabre in the young woman’s general direction. Don’t we have a few people over there who can kick his ass?

    Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai, condemned in her homeland for parading in a bikini at the Miss Earth contest, won the pageant’s first “beauty for a cause” award on Sunday.

    The 23-year-old Samadzai, the first Afghan in three decades to take part in a beauty contest, failed to make it to the contest’s semifinals.

    But judges announced that, for the first time, they were handing out a “beauty for a cause” prize. They awarded it to Samadzai for “symbolizing the newfound confidence, courage and spirit of today’s women” and “representing the victory of women’s rights and various social, personal and religious struggles.”

    ….Fazel Ahmad Manawi, deputy head of Afghanistan’s Supreme Court, told The Associated Press that Samadzai, a college student in California, had betrayed Afghan culture by appearing at the Miss Earth contest in a bikini – and may have also broken the law.

    “I hope that this lady regrets her actions,” Manawi said. He added that Afghan prosecutors may open an investigation, but refused to say what charges or penalties Samadzai could face. [AP]

“You are charged with excessive babe-age and offering proof that not all Afghani women bark at the moon. Now we will be plagued with an incessant stream of men’s magazines seeking the fruit of our womanhood. How do you plead?”

“I plead kiss my red bikinied ass, I’m going back to Cali.”

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