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The Magic School Bus: All About Earth is a perfect blend of fantasy and earth science for children.

DVD Review:The Magic School Bus: All About Earth

Perfect for Earth Day, or any other day, The Magic School Bus: All About Earth uses fantasy and fun to teach children important lessons about science and the world in which we live in three episodes, plus a bonus episode, for a total running time of around 90 minutes. Join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they board the magic bus for field trips like none you’ve ever experienced and a way of looking at the world we can only imagine.

In “The Magic School Bus Goes to Seed,” the class must get a marvelous plant for the school garden so they can be featured on the cover of a gardening magazine. While they try to get the plant, they explore gardens and plants from an inside view and learn all about seeds.

In “The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top,” the kids learn about volcanoes and how the earth makes islands when they visit an island that hasn’t been discovered yet!

For “Goes on Air,” the class is concerned that their only contribution to the Walkerville Space Capsule is an empty jar. Keesha explains that it is not empty; it’s full of air. The class learns about the wonders of something you can’t even see when they learn all about air and air pressure.

The bonus episode, “All Dried Up,” teaches about the desert and its animals, when the children are concerned about how the animals can find food and water. As a special feature, this episode is presented in English and Spanish.

In each case, the class has wild adventures on their transforming bus while they and young visitors discover that learning is fun. Who wouldn’t want to be the size of a lady bug or travel to the center of the earth? They also encounter valuable lessons about not being afraid to be different, not letting fear stop them from trying new things, and about friendship and teamwork.

The Magic School Bus has been teaching and entertaining children in books and on video for many years, and this DVD continues that tradition of excellence. It has already won two Parents’ Choice Video Awards. Children of elementary and middle school age will enjoy this video and gain some important information about planet Earth as well.

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