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A well produced DC Comics animated series, offered up as a four episode sampler.

DVD Review: Young Justice – Season 1, Volume 2

Young Justice – Season 1, Volume 2 contains four episodes of the popular Cartoon Network series. Focusing on a kind of alternate DC Comics universe, the show is populated by familiar characters whose personalities and relationships have been tweaked from their standard continuity. The title organization is essentially a teenage version of the adult Justic League. The members of Young Justic include Aqualad (the team’s leader), Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis Crock. While some of these youngsters carry brand name recognition, viewers not well versed in DC comics lore will likely be pleased with regular cameos from the likes of Batman, Superman, and Green Arrow.

Anyone jumping in with Volume 2 should be fine without the backstory of the earlier episodes. Each of these four is basically a stand alone story. “Schooled” sets up the troubled, rebellious nature of Conner Kent, aka Superboy, a clone of the Man of Steel. He isn’t receiving the mentorship he desires and needs from Superman. Conner’s poor disposition doesn’t help the team as they take on Amazo. Batman has some sage advice for Superman, who is resistent to accepting young Superboy. “Infiltrator” focuses on the introduction of Artemis, the expert female archer who is appointed to the team. Artemis carries a dark secret, arousing suspicions amongst other team members. This kind of depth brings a lot the show, keeping things interesting for older viewers.

Despite the overall quality, the DVD marketing begs the question: who is the intended audience for Young Justice?  Comic book aficionados of all ages are surely part of that demographic. The stories are well written, the animation is strong, and the voice acting is solid. All that considered, it’s surprising that Warner Brothers has opted for such a piecemeal strategy. The previous volume also contained only four episodes, and these releases are without special features.

Fans of the series will no doubt be quite frustrated at the inability to simply buy the complete twenty-six episode first season. If they continue at this rate, there will be around six volumes at a suggested retail price $14.98 each. On the other hand, Young Justice – Season 1, Volume 2 makes for a nice stocking stuffer for younger fans. Then again, young fans are likely to grow into older fans and they may wind up asking the same question about the paltry selection of episodes per release.

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