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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - You’ve done it again!

DVD Review: Wubbzy Saves the Day

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! – Wubbzy Saves the Day is available May 3rd.

As a father of five children, I am always looking for family entertainment that is both fun and enriching, it can be hard to find shows that you can be comfortable with your children watching. Recently, I had the opportunity to watch Nick Jr. production Wubbzy Saves the Day with my kids, and I am happy to say that this is a video that is well worth the time you have to share with your family.

Wubbzy Saves the Day is bright and colorful, featuring a collection of six entertaining and enchanting episodes filled with age-appropriate lessons about sharing, caring and being yourself. These are stories of friendship and life skills that teach your children about values, friendship and responsibility. The episodes are not too long and not too short; they keep a child’s attention and give parents a chance to interact with their child.

Best of all it is age-appropriate, no violence or insinuative humor – just fun! I watched with my two daughters, aged nine and eight, perhaps a bit older than the series’ normal audience, but they loved it so much they watched it twice in one day; every episode made them laugh, and they even started singing along during the “music video” portions.

Nickelodeon and Anchor Bay Entertainment bring sensible programming to our homes; their shows make learning fun for children of all ages and Wubbzy Saves the Day is a hit in my home. My children loved the characters and the shows carry messages that support, what I as a parent, desire to teach my children. As a critic, I really can’t find anything about Wubbzy Saves the Day that would not please a viewer of any age; in fact I think I may watch it again by myself.

I have seen many different movies and videos that claim to be “child safe programming” and I have, at times, come away from the experience disappointed. This is not the case with Wubbzy Saves the Day, and the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! series and movies have been a hit with young viewers and their families since 2006, when it first premiered on Nickelodeon. The show currently airs daily on Nick Jr., and will continue to be fun for boys and girls all over.

Once the Kids have watched all the episodes the fun keeps on going with additional features, the DVD comes with printable growth charts and activity sheets that parents can print out on the home computer.

Wubbzy Saves the Day, like all of the programming from Nickelodeon and Anchor Bay Entertainment is all about the kids and what should be important, providing a safe learning experience that is fun and will give your child the life skills needed today.

From one parent to another, if you have a need for quality family entertainment, get Wubbzy Saves the Day and any of the other wonderful Nickelodeon titles, you’ll be glad you did.

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