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A fun collection of fourteen animated shorts, some quite old and some newer.

DVD Review: Tom and Jerry – Fur Flying Adventures, Volume 3

Tom and Jerry – Fur Flying Adventures, Volume 3 collects fourteen animated shorts on a single DVD for a total running time of around 100 minutes. There have been many DVD (and more recently, Blu-ray) releases anthologizing the adventures of the famed cat and mouse antagonists and I’m sure this won’t be the last. Tom and Jerry have been a fixture of cartoon entertainment since 1940, when the duo first began appearing in theatrical shorts. Hardcore collectors probably won’t want to start here, as this is not a chronological anthology, but rather a small sampling. However, for parents of kids who have yet to discover the characters, this would be a fun way to indoctrinate them.

Fur Flying Adventures, Volume 3 includes a mixture of vintage and more-recent Tom and Jerry cartoons. About half were originally produced in the ’60s, while the others are only a few years old. These new episodes come from the Tales of Tom and Jerry series, which ran from 2006 to 2008. I’m partial to the earlier shorts here, especially those from the Chuck Jones era (such as “Love Me, Love My Mouse,” and “Ah, Sweet Mouse­-Story of Life”) . The look of Tom and Jerry has changed significantly over the years. I suspect today’s kids may prefer the more modern “cleaner” look of the recent episodes, which seem to also have a brighter color scheme. But I find the more muted, meaner, and grittier look of the ’60s shorts more appealing.

As long as you’re not looking to start a comprehensive collection, Tom and Jerry – Fur Flying Adventures, Volume 3 is a fun, economical way to relive some classic cartoons while also seeing what the more recent productions had to offer. Maybe younger audiences will be less interested in the age of the cartoons, focusing instead on much fun they are to watch. I expect these shorts will hold the interest of quite a few kids. There are no extra features on the DVD.

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