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One of Cartoon Network's funniest series is now available in a complete series set.

DVD Review: The Powerpuff Girls: The Complete Series – 10th Anniversary Collection

Written by Senora Bicho

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, The Powerpuff Girls – The Complete Series has been released on DVD. The 1998 television debut on Cartoon Network was the highest-rated premiere in the channel’s history and it was consistently highly rated during its six-season run. Boomerang began re-running episodes in 2008.

Professor Utonium (Tom Kane) mixed together sugar, spice and everything nice in an effort to create the perfect little girl. In the process, he accidentally added in an extra substance known as Chemical X. This mystery ingredient granted his three new creations super powers such as the ability to fly, super speed, and super strength.

Blossom (Cathy Cavadini), dresses in pink with long red hair, is the self-proclaimed leader and tends to be the most levelheaded and analytical one of the group. Bubbles (Tara Strong) is the cutest, wears a blue outfit and has blond pigtails. She acts younger than the other girls while being the most playful, considerate, loving, and at times naive. Buttercup (Elizabeth Daily) makes up for Bubbles’ gentle demeanor by being the toughest of the group with the shortest temper. Her short black hair and green outfit fits with her tomboy attitude. Together, these three make up The Powerpuff Girls dedicated to protecting the city of Townsville from its worst villains.

Over the years there were several recurring villains to mance the girls. The most well known and my personal favorite is Mojo Jojo (Roger L. Jackson), a brilliant yet mad scientist/chimp. Mojo Jojo was Professor Utonium’s assistant. When Chemical X was added to the mixture that created The Powerpuff Girls, the explosion also enlarged his brain. He felt left out once the Professor had the company of the girls, so he was ventured out on his own and became committed to destroying the girls who stole his home and the Professor’s affection. He even created an evil trio of little boys, The Rowdyruff Boys, by using snips, snails, a puppydog tail, and his own version of Chemical X to compete with the girls. Fuzzy Lumpkins (Jim Cummings) is a hillbilly bear-like monster who lives in the woods outside of Townsville. Him (Tom Kane) is a devil-like creature who feeds off of negative emotions and disguises himself to create catastrophes. Princess Morbucks (Jennifer Hale) is a spoiled little rich girl who turns to evil after the girls don’t allow her to join their group.

The DVD collection is chalk full of great extras. The original short films created by Craig McCracken entitled “The Whoop*ass Girls” are included to provide a glimpse at the origins of the crime-fighting trio. Music videos, interviews, live-action shorts, and short cartoons used through the years to promote the show are spread out on all of the discs. The most creative and entertaining extras include a Mayor blooper real on the Season Four disc and on the Season Two disc, there are audio commentaries by Mojo Jojo and the Mayor, both of which are hysterical. Two bonus episodes are also included, a holiday special “Twas the Flight Before Christmas” and “Powerpuff Girls Rule!!” the 2009 special in commemoration of the 10th anniversary. Each season has its own disc with an insert that offers the contents on one side and on the other side all of the inserts can be put together for a poster.

The only negatives are the discs contain episodes on both sides, requiring extra caution, and the 79th episode "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey," which didn’t air in the U.S. is not included.

I hadn’t watched an episode of The Powerpuff Girls in a long time but used to watch it on a semi-regular basis years back and always really enjoyed it. This show is well written, clever and funny. It has the unique ability to appeal to children and adults alike with its simple yet witty action adventures. Highlights include the many Fab Four references in “Meet the Beat-Alls,” “Buttercrush” where Buttercup falls Ace of the Gangreen Gang, the Rashomon-influenced “The Bare Facts,” and the girls get the “Silent Treatment” and lose their powers when they enter a silent cartoon to save the Professor.

Now you have the chance to add all 78 episodes to your collection along with lots of fun extras or it will make a perfect Christmas gift for any long-time fans.

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  1. the Powerpuff Girls was a Great Show On Cartoon Network More then Dexter’s Laborabtory. Good Job McCracken!