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The "Love" train has come completely off the tracks.

DVD Review: The Love Guru

Written by Caballero Oscuro

Oh Mike, where did it all go wrong? What was once charming schtick for at least two theatrical go-rounds in both Wayne’s World and Austin Powers has turned into unbearable drivel that doesn’t even hold up for one outing in The Love Guru. Sure, the cracks were definitely beginning to show in the third Austin Powers, but this time out the train has come completely off the tracks.

While any number of reasons could be offered for this disaster, the biggest cause is the insufferable star character played by Myers, an unlikable, crude, and ridiculous caricature that hits almost all entirely wrong notes. Where Wayne and Austin Powers were loveable oafs, the Guru is just an oaf. As an Indian-esque self-help teacher very loosely modeled on Deepak Chopra, the Guru spouts inane platitudes to his clients while concurrently offering no discernible help to them. It’s impossible to suspend belief far enough to accept that any sane clients would be swayed by this idiot, or that he would have achieved any kind of fame and fortune, and Myers doesn’t help the case by returning to the potty-humor well far too often. By the time we’re presented with an extended scene of elephants humping on an ice rink, it’s clear that any attempts at redemption have been trumped.

To its credit, the film’s co-stars are allowed to shine a bit. Jessica Alba is merely okay as the object of the Guru’s affection, but she gets special mention for performing in a couple of brief Bollywood musical numbers. Romany Malco plays it mostly straight as a hockey star with marital and mommy issues, somewhat wasted by the subdued nature of the role. Justin Timberlake is consistently funny as a flamboyant French-Canadian hockey star, although he’s definitely best in the short bursts he’s given here. And finally, Stephen Colbert nearly steals the entire film as a hilarious sportscaster.

The DVD is packed with extras, and the best of these are the extended/bonus scenes featuring Colbert’s outtakes. Frankly, you’re better off skipping the film and going straight to the bonus features as there are far more laughs to be found there than in the rest of the film. The Love Guru is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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