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Boston Men.

DVD Review: Suits – Season One

Leave it to the USA Network to take the fast-paced world of Mad Men and set it in the contemporary world of legal television dramas like Boston Legal. If fact, one could very well refer to Suits as Boston Men. Sure, the primetime drama is really set in New York City, but you get the idea, kids. The show — which stars the talents of Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams — brings us the enjoyable antics of a gifted college dropout masquerading as an associate attorney with a sharp-minded partner at an NYC law firm.

Mike Ross (Adams) never made it all the way through college, despite having a photographic memory. Now he’s stuck performing tasks like taking other people’s bar exams for them in an effort to make ends meet, but that all changes when he has an accidental run-in with Harvey Specter (Macht, complete with an oh-so-marvelous pompadour) — a top attorney at Pearson Hardman with a flair for being ruthless and a regular loner. Fleeing from a gang of drug dealers (his roommate convinces him to deliver a suitcase full of marijuana), Mike hides in a hotel room where Specter is conducting interviews for new associates.

Although he never passed the bar himself, Ross’ knowledge of the law amazes the hardened Harvey. And so, he hires the non-lawyer to pretend to be one at the office — assigning him the unenviable tasks of staying up all night in order to find the right defense. And their relationship is a grand one, too; giving Mike the opportunity to finally use his eidetic skills, and awarding Harvey the chance to at long last get to know another human being. Meanwhile, sleazy Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman, who looks like he could be Mandy Patinkin’s ugly brother) — a junior partner at the firm — harbors suspicion about Mike’s validity, while Harvey frequently contends with his boss, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres).

Also starring in this fun show are Sarah Rafferty as Macht’s cold-blooded redhead (read: redheaded) secretary, and Meghan Markle as the young paralegal with whom Adams is romantically drawn towards (a surefire recipe for disaster). This three-disc Suits: Season One set from Universal Studios Home Entertainment brings us all twelve episodes of the hit show’s premiere season, complete with a couple of audio commentaries, a featurette, and a gag reel. The set also houses an extended version of the pilot episode, as well as Digital Copies of all 12 episodes (which is something I haven’t seen for TV sets before).


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