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British cult hit finally available on DVD.

DVD Review: Snuff Box

Snuff Box is one of those rare shows whose entire existence is based on word of mouth. Written by and starring Matt Berry and Rick Fulcher, Snuff Box aired once on BBC3 in 2006. Since then, the show has gained a rabid cult of fans via Youtube and other outlets.

The series follows professional hangmen Berrry and Fulcher through a series of events. Whether they are drinking at the Hangman’s Club, finding themselves in truly awkward moments, attempting to charm women, somehow navigating a long white hallway, or finally attempting to acquire a pair of silver cowboy boots, they are always up to something. Upon first glance, the show is confusing, for it is a bit difficult to separate the actual “story” from the comedy bits. But when they do become clear, the surreal aspects of Snuff Box are wonderfully bizarre.

All six half-hour episodes of Snuff Box are here, and are so non-linear that they stand up to virtually dozens of viewings. Besides the episodes themselves, there are plenty of testimonials from fans included in the bonus documentary section. For example, Paul Rudd, Simon Pegg, and Noah Fielding all weigh in at one point to discuss the show, as do Weird Al Yankovic, Janene Garafolo, and Steve Agee.

As well as having these big names praise the show there is a walking tour through some of Snuff Box’s most famous locations, another documentary titled Inside The Snuff Box, and outtakes. And if all of this just was not enough for the Snuff Box fan, the producers have added a bonus CD with all of the music and songs from the show.

Snuff Box is one of the quirkiest, even downright strange British comedies to be produced in the past five years. While it has shown an undeniable popularity in the underground and on Youtube, it would be pretty amazing to see the reaction if it were ever played on American prime time. I’m not holding my breath, but for some of the wildest (and darkest) moments of humor one is likely to find, Snuff Box is it.

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