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An entertaining hour to sit and watch even if you are stunned at times.

DVD Review: Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy

Written by Fantasma el Rey

Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy is 54 minutes of cartoon shorts where nothing is off limits as “Family Guy” creator MacFarlane and crew pop off and give their off-kilter look at the world. In 50 uncensored shorts nothing is safe from the flying poop attack these comic monkeys hurl. The animation is the same found on the hit television show except that his main characters are missing, replaced by all sorts of subjects from the cartoon world as well as the real one. It’s pretty much a Family Guy episode without the plot but that’s OK as most of the shorts are funny and hold their own.

Some of the better shorts are the twisted looks at the “Frog Prince;” “Super Mario Saves The Princess;” “Die, Roadrunner, Die;” and “Fred and Barney at the Club.” “Frog” is just a jerk who gets off on having stupid chicks fondle him, while “Super Mario” can’t even get a kiss from the prissy princess. “Roadrunner” is a look at what happens when the coyote actually catches that damn bird, not at all worth the catch. “Fred And Barney” is a glimpse of what hell it would be for those two to try and get into a modern hipster nightclub.

Other top offers are the funny “Sex With…” that takes a look at what sex would be like with various names in the news and pop culture such as Mr. Sulu, a folk singer, Dick Cheney, Gilbert Gottfried, and a midget. More hilarity ensues as a gay knight who refuses to fight the dragon, backstage with Bob Dylan, and two Persians try to pick up chicks. MacFarlane also gives us a further look into his atheism beliefs in “Monkeys Talk Religion.”

Some of this stuff is just really painful to watch. A short list includes “Flintstone Shit” which is just a stupid scene of Fred in a stall as he takes a dump. Some kid finding out he’s adopted is pretty bad to boot but the worst is sitting as AIDS Patient Zero meets and has sex with a monkey. It has its giggles when I think about it but the short is just wrong and at the moment simply seemed horrid.

Overall, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy is an entertaining hour to sit and watch even if you are stunned at times and have to pick up your jaw after shaking your head and saying, “Really?” Again, it is from the creator of Family Guy and follows the humor laid down by said show so everyone should know more or less what to expect. So if you’re truly offended, then it’s your own damn fault.

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