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I guarantee your preschooler will love it.

DVD Review: Sesame Street – C is for Cookie Monster

Written by El Puerquito Magnifico

I’m a parent and if you’re reading this review of Sesame Workshop and Warner Home Video’s latest DVD release, C is for Cookie Monster, then I’ll assume you are too. So you know how it goes, right? The holidays are on their way and you’ve got a long drive ahead of you in order to make sure grandma and grandpa can spoil your kids with gifts, cookies, and holiday cheer. That drive was bad enough before the kids were born but now it’s nearly unbearable. At least, it was. But that was before you bought that portable DVD player. Now everyone is content, for the most part. You might not be able to crank up Black Sabbath as loud as you used to and your throat is hoarse after singing “The Farmer in the Dell” for the 1,000th time, but at least the kids aren’t crying.

Enter the Cookie Monster. A staple of children’s television who has been around since long before your own childhood, the Cookie Monster is one of the most beloved Muppets to grace the small screen and now he has his very own 50-minute DVD which collects a number of new skits and old favorites. Included in this collection are short stories such as “The Cookie Tree” and the tale of Cookie Hood in which another blue monster (this one with a British accent and a mustache) shows up on Sesame Street and begins stealing cookies and our poor lovable Cookie Monster gets the blame. Imagine Cookie Monster with a cultured manner and a mustache… it’s awesome. Remember “Monsterpiece Theater”? There’s an episode on here, featuring a retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood”. How about “Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco”? Yup, that one’s on here too. This DVD has even got a weird cover of Isaac Hayes’ “Shaft” in which Cookie Monster sports an afro. Seriously.

Oh yeah, and it’s also got Cookie Monster’s young cousin – you thought he was cute as an adult? Imagine him as a little girl. Freakin’ adorable. For those worried about their children adopting bad eating habits, Cookie Monster explains that cookies are just a “sometimes food” and that even though he’s clearly an addict, he’s got it (relatively) under control and maintains a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and all that stuff. Nevertheless, you can’t have a Cookie Monster DVD if you don’t include the legendary “C is for Cookie” song. It’s kind of a must and you don’t have to fear; there’s a remixed version on this DVD.

So here’s the deal: this is a pretty fun collection. The thing about Cookie Monster is that he’s actually really funny. Even as an adult, I find him to be quite amusing, especially after being forced to endure hours and hours of Elmo. Clearly the inspiration for guys like Bobcat Goldthwait or Sam Kinison, Cookie Monster is totally manic. He’s also a whole lot funnier than either of the comedians I just mentioned, but you didn’t really need me to tell you that. Seriously folks, in a world full of Dora the Explorer and Wonder Pets, isn’t it nice to relax with an old favorite? To rekindle old friendships and see your children experience the same joy as you did and feel safe knowing that they’re actually learning something? Do I actually need to convince you that this DVD is awesome and that you should buy it? It’s the freakin’ Cookie Monster! Of course it’s awesome!

On the other hand, nearly an hour of Cookie Monster strains the limits of how much of the furry blue monster one can handle. I’ll let you be the judge. But I guarantee your preschooler will love it.

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