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This should get you to fall in love with Regular Show.

DVD Review: ‘Regular Show: Mordecai and Margaret Pack’

For those that don’t know, Regular Show is anything but regular.  Created by J. G. Quintel, the Cartoon Network series presents the outlandish adventures of Mordecai, a blue jay, and Rigby, a raccoon. The twenty-somethings are roommates and work as park groundskeepers alongside Hi-Five Ghost, a yeti named Skips, and Muscle Man (what he is I have no idea other than being aggressive and flabby).  Benson, an anthropomorphic gumball machine, is their supervisor and he’s frequently frustrated by Mordecai and Rigby’s lack of effort.

Margaret is a red-breasted robin that Mordecai is infatuated with and the throughout most of the 16 episodes available in Mordecai and Margaret Pack the progress of their relationship over the series first four seasons is revealed from their first meeting in the first season’s third episode “Caffeinated Concert Tickets” to Mordecai asking her to be his girlfriend in the season four finale “Steak Me Amadeus”.

Aside from the wacky humor, the series reveals a depth of emotion.  It’s adorable to witness Mordecai’s shyness towards Margaret.  He is so unassuming he is oblivious to Margaret’s attraction to him until he finally confesses his feelings.  The writers play with Mordecai getting his first kiss from her, and his friends tease him, especially in “Do or Diaper” where Muscle Man bets him a week’s worth of wearing diapers he won’t be able to seal the deal.

Like it is for many awkward young men, Mordecai finds it to be a struggle getting out of the friend zone, as seen in “Meteor Moves,” and impressing Margaret’s father at the “Family BBQ,” which may be the funniest episode in the collection.  Also under consideration for that designation is “Bad Kiss,” a hysterical time travel story that finds Mordecai trying to fix his foul breath.

Muscle Man’s love life also gets featured in two episodes of this collection.  In “Muscle Woman,” Mordecai attempts to reunite Muscle Man with his ex Starla by dating her and dumping her.  In “Fancy Restaurant,” Mordecai and Rigby prepare Muscle Man for a dinner with Starla’s parents.

Although I prefer titles that offer an entire season of a TV series, the Mordecai and Margaret Pack works well as a collection based on a theme and should get you to fall in love with Regular Show.


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