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For thick-skinned viewers, Lil’ Bush offers a humorous insight into the world of American politics.

DVD Review: Lil’ Bush – Resident of the United States: Season One

Written by General Jabbo

President George W. Bush has been fodder for comedians since virtually his first day in office. It is therefore no surprise there is an animated series dedicated to him. That series is Comedy Central’s Lil’ Bush: Resident of the United States.

In the show’s first season, entitled “The Invasion Begins,” we follow the exploits of Lil’ Bush and his friends, including: Lil’ Rummy, Lil’ Condi, and Lil’ Cheney. The characters are portrayed as elementary school kids yet look like miniature versions of their adult selves.

Lil’ Bush is portrayed as brash and stupid, but charming as well. Lil’ Rummy speaks fondly of the marks on his back from the different belt buckles he has gotten his father for Father’s Day, while Lil’ Condi is a sweet, innocent girl who is pining for Lil’ Bush, though he is completely oblivious to her feelings. It’s Lil’ Cheney that gets the most distorted treatment however. He speaks only in grunts, uttering only the occasional intelligible word. When he saw Lil’ Hillary Clinton for instance, he shouted, “rah, rah rah rah, pantsuit, rah rah.” He sustains himself by biting the heads off chickens and sucking out the insides, and Darth Vader is apparently his father. Bush’s father is President and is seen as weak and feeble, yet gentle while Barbara Bush wears the pants in the family. Lil’ Bush’s brother, Lil’ Jeb is borderline brain dead, but seemingly indestructible as he falls off mountains and gets his head caught in ice machines with no harm done to him.

The group’s exploits are equally absurd. From going to Baghdad to buy George H.W. Bush a Father’s Day gift because Baghdad has dad in its name, to dressing up as women to invade an Al-Qaeda camp (including making Lil’ Condi wear a wig in spite of the fact that she is indeed a woman – a point Lil’ Bush doesn’t seem to get) to a tryst Lil’ Cheney has with Barbara Bush where he ends up inside of her, forcing George H.W. Bush to order an abortion; no subject is taboo.

The Democrats get skewered as well. Lil’ Bill Clinton is always cheating on Lil’ Hillary, while she is seen as a humorless tyrant who may in fact be a lesbian. Lil’ Barack Obama is shown building a house for the poor because he believes it is the right thing to do, yet gets laughed at by Lil’s Bush’s crew as they burn the house down to get the insurance money to buy scooters. He is portrayed in the stereotype of tree-hugging liberal.

Every episode features a song by Lil’ Bush and his band, each time with the band dressed as a famous group such as Kiss or Guns ‘N Roses (with Lil’ Condi as Slash). The songs always focus on the themes of the episode and add a fun touch to the show. Season one also featured its share of guest stars, including: Iggy Pop, Anthony Kiedis, Frank Black, and Dave Grohl.

The DVD is uncensored, and includes an unreleased episode; audio commentary by Jerry Springer, Ralph Nader and Tucker Carlson; Lil’ Bush’s White House tour; and interviews with the cast and crew.

Lil Bush certainly is not for everyone, especially those who are easily offended or not into political satire. For thicker-skinned viewers however, Lil’ Bush offers a humorous insight into the world of American politics.

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