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You will feel like a "Fortunate Son" watching this "Travelin' Band" in the comfort of your home.

DVD Review: John Fogerty – The Long Road Home in Concert

While I have already given The Long Road Home CD an A+, John Fogerty in concert is a sight to see and this DVD footage sure lets you do that. On September 15, 2005, John and his band (not CCR) stepped out on stage to play an old-fashioned rock concert and in doing so, he brought back the enlightened soul of what rock 'n roll used to be in its heyday of the late 60s/early 70s – without all the hallucinogens.

Fogerty has been and will always be someone who speaks his mind and speaks out about the wrongs and injustices that he encounters through his travels. He also knows how to write and play a good rock song. On this DVD, you get a lot of both.

All the songs on the CD are on the DVD, so nothing gets left out. Most of Fogerty's music is pretty politically charged, since most of it was written during the Vietnam era, but a lot of what he said back then resonates true today.

Just before he plays "Deja Vu," Fogerty says, "Most of you are much to young to remember a time in America culture called 'Vietnam.' I was in the army at that time… Sorry to say that we're doing the same damn thing all over again. This song is called 'Deja Vu' and I sing for families." But this isn't some political rally. It is a good old rock concert and there is plenty of rock to go around.

As for visuals, the camera work is great. It focuses not only on John, but the band and the audience as well. Nothing fancy. Nothing you couldn't do on your PC or Mac with some good software. If I want to see weird shit happen on the screen while I'm watching a concert, I'll eat some ‘shrooms.

On this DVD, the camera guys were all over the place filming the show and the crowd’s reaction, which is what you want to see when watching Fogerty. Like his songs, there's no shenanigans, no bullshit, its right there in front of you, plain as can be. They kept it simple. Why not? It’s what works.

The crowd, as you will see, vary in generation from old hippies to young punks — if that's what they are still called — but all have one thing in common: the songs the man on the stage is belting out. It can be hard sometimes, sitting in your "entertainment room" trying to make it feel like you are really at the show, but this DVD does a pretty good job in getting you in the mood.

Once again, I found myself bouncing out of my chair here and there and when "Fortunate Son" came on, like the crowd, my energy level jumped and I grabbed my air-guitar and rocked myself into frenzy. Fogerty's music has that way about it.

This DVD brings John into your home and if you are a Fogerty/CCR fan, you will dig this concert. For years, John had to put up with all that legal crap, but now he's back out on the scene, and this tour started it off. For him, it has been "a long road home" to get back to where he loves to be — on stage, performing in front of his fans. If you are one and you haven't seen him live, or even if you have, this DVD is worth the price of admission.

Written by Fumo Verde

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