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You win this time, Affleck!

DVD Review: Gone Baby Gone

Written by Pedrastro del Diablo

Let me get one thing out of the way: I do not like Ben Affleck. I think he's an ass and a terrible actor. But, watch me eat my own pride when I write, Ben Affleck is responsible for something I actually enjoyed. *GASP*

Fortunately Affleck is smart enough not to cast himself but to cast his brother, Casey, in the lead. In my opinion, Casey is the more talented of the two. Casey has what Ben doesn't have, likability and charm that doesn't come off as frat-boy smugness. Enough about my Ben-bashing.

Gone Baby Gone centers around Boston-area local detectives, played by Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan, who are hired to investigate a young girl's kidnapping. Along the way they become entangled in a search that is not all what it seems and that ultimately leads to a decision that has to be made either professionally or personally.

It is a damn good movie, but not a great movie. The whole cast is perfect (down to the extras) and the tone and direction is spot on. Then why not “great”? I felt certain parts of the movie dragged and I felt Michelle Monaghan (from the great Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) was underused. Some people complain about the twist ending, but I think it's perfect and really helps nail the tone and theme overall.

“What would I have done?” That's something a lot of people might find themselves asking after watching this film. Is it about morals? Is it about doing the right thing? What is the right thing in the instance of law versus reality or well-being? It is that lingering question that makes the last scene of the film so powerful, and why I have to curse Affleck for making me give credit and praise where it is due.

Extras on the DVD include extended ending, commentary and behind the scenes segment from Ben Affleck. Not really thick with the extra features, but the movie is good enough that you won't mind.

You win this time, Affleck! You win…this time.

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