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Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Disney Channel have released a combo pack perfect for the "tween" market.

DVD Review: Geek Charming DVD Combo Pack

For fans of quality family films, the release of the Disney Channel’s Geek Charming movie should be greeted as a real treat. Although Geek Charming is definitely a “family appropriate” film, its main audience is definitely “tween” girls. The story revolves around “film geek” Josh Rosen (Matt Prokop) retrieving the popular Dylan Shoenfield’s (Sarah Hyland) expensive handbag. Dylan has accidentally dropped it into the mall fountain, and Josh makes a deal with her to get it out, if she will agree to be the subject of a documentary he wants to do.

The deal is made, and as both get to know each other through the making of the movie, they discover that “image” is often much different than “reality.” Both Josh and Dylan find out things about each other that neither had even considered previously. As mentioned before, this Disney Original Film is definitely intended for the “tween girl” market, and should prove most popular with that crowd.

To “spice” things up a bit, the DVD set also includes ten episodes of the popular Disney Channel program Shake It Up. Shake It Up revolves around the adventures of best friends Rocky Blue (Zendaya) and CeCe Jones (Bella Thorne), who with the help of their longtime friend, Deuce Martinez (Adam Irigoyen), fulfill their favorite dreams of becoming professional dancers when they land roles as dancers on a local show, “Shake It Up, Chicago!” It was a good choice as additional, bonus material – and should very much appeal to the same crowd as the Geek Charming movie will.

The inclusion of two “Exclusive Best Friend” charms sort of seals the deal. It looks as if Disney has released the Geek Charming combo-pack as an age-appropriate Valentine’s Day gift – and is quite a nice little package.

The Geek Charming Combo-Pack is scheduled for release on February 7, 2012 – in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day.

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