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Craig Ferguson is hilarious in this extended, uncensored special, but don't expect extras.

DVD Review: Craig Ferguson – Does This Need To Be Said?

Comedy Central presents comedian Craig Ferguson’s new standup special, Does This Need To Be Said? Premiering on the network this past Saturday, October 15th, the event will be released on DVD Tuesday, October 17th. The DVD contains a 65-minute, uncensored and extended version of what is shown on television.

For those who enjoy The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, the man shown here captures the same, light-hearted, genuine nice guy spirit that pervades the talk show. With his stint on The Drew Carey Show being replaced in memory by newer, nicer material, Ferguson is no longer the mean boss, but instead, someone most people would want to hang out with. He comes across as honest, kind, and very, very funny.

That being said, Ferguson does go after celebrities with aplomb. From unexpected digs at Kate Winslet, Fabio, and Kevin Costner, as well as obvious targets like Charlie Sheen, Carrie Prejean, and Tiger Woods, Ferguson always seems to be ribbing, rather than attacking. Sure, he points out their flaws with glee, but he spends as much, if not more, time being self-deprecating, so it seems acceptable.

Ferguson doesn’t just talk about celebrities who have made mistakes in Does This Need To Be Said? The title itself comes from something he claims to have learned in marriage (he is on his third wife). He speaks about women and men, body image issues, and his battle with alcoholism. He tells of his heritage. He also defends the existence of God, something not often associated with comedy. There are some clever jokes here one won’t find anywhere else.

One thing Late Late Show fans may find unexpected is Ferguson’s generous use of profanity, especially the ‘f’ word. He admits at the beginning of the special that he is sad he is not allowed to say it during his series, and warns viewers that he will be using it a lot. Then he does exactly that. So much so that one wonders what those watching it on television with bleeps thought was happening. You can’t say Ferguson doesn’t stick to his word. Consider this a final warning. But as long as you aren’t offended by such language, and most people that buy or watch stand up comedian specials are not, than this DVD is totally worth a purchase.

Let it also be said that Ferguson knows how to start and end a show. He begins Does This Need To Be Said? by telling viewers he is here to tell a joke. Though this assertion is soon forgotten about, he does end the special by finally getting around to sharing the short, hilarious joke he promises in the beginning.

Ferguson recruits Jeff Arnold and Chris Saladin, both veterans of The Late Late Show, to come out and play flute and saxophone as an introduction. At the end, the two return in outrageous costumes to perform a wonderfully choreographed, lip-synched rendition of Britney Spears’s “Oops I Did It Again” with the comedian. They do the entire number, keeping the gag going for several minutes. Each second of the bit is as good as the last, and it does not grow tired by the end of the song, as one might expect it to.

The DVD release, as mentioned above, is an extended and uncensored version of the televised special. For this reason, one should buy this really funny hour. As far as bonus features go, though, clocking in at just over two minutes, it’s hard to fathom why anyone bothered including them at all. Fans talk about Ferguson as he arrives in Nashville, and then one of them does a rap about the comedian. Interesting, sure, but as the only extras, they leave much to be desired.

Buy Craig Ferguson Does This Need To Be Said? on DVD, available this Tuesday.

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