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Celebrate With Clifford! is a fun, wholesome set of episodes from PBS featuring everyone's favorite big red dog.

DVD Review: Celebrate With Clifford

This year, Clifford the Big Red Dog celebrates 50 years of entertaining children. Every child who can imagine what it would be like to have a dog big enough to ride who has a heart as big as his body loves Clifford, who also stars in of children’s television’s longest-running shows. Parents, too, appreciate the funny, wholesome stories that teach important lessons while never preaching or talking down to kids. To mark Clifford’s milestone birthday, Lionsgate is releasing Celebrate With Clifford, its first DVD release from the series in two years.


The collection contains seven episodes, plus a bonus disc, “Happy Birthday, Clifford!” which contains eight more episodes and fun features, including a dress-up game and a short film about real dogs and their owners. The bonus also includes “Clifford’s Big Ideas,” short pieces about the same important values the episodes endorse.

In each of the featured episodes, Clifford, his owner Emily Elizabeth, her friends Charley and Jetta, and Clifford’s friends T-Bone and Cleo learn valuable lessons about being yourself, following your heart, being kind to others, and treating others with respect.

In “The Best Gift,” Emily learns that it’s not material things that matter when it comes to birthday presents. The gang learns about working as a team and taking responsibility in “Team Spirit,” “Clifford’s Carnival, and “Clifford on Parade.” “Screaming for Ice Cream” teaches Emily and Charley a powerful lesson about following orders and asking for help. “Tough Enough” is all about respect for others and what it means to be part of a team.

The bonus disc includes episodes that have a holiday or birthday theme, including a Valentine’s Day episode, “Clifford’s Big Heart,” appropriate for its early February release, and “Clifford’s Big Surprise,” in which Clifford gets a surprise party.

Parents and children will have a great time watching the discs and helping Clifford celebrate his birthday. The CD is appropriate for children of all ages.

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