Wednesday , February 28 2024
Car's Life 3: Royal Heist is a surprisingly enjoyable take on the talking car animation.

DVD Review: Car’s Life 3:The Royal Heist

Car’s Life 3: The Royal Heist is obviously derivative of Disney’s Cars. Entertainment One, the studio behind the Car’s Life series, does not pretend the concept is original, even mentioning Cars in the press release.

Still, there is no harm in taking a good idea and reusing it, if your product is good.Think of the hundreds of movies about talking animals. And The Royal Heist is surprisingly good.

First of all, the voie actors are talented professionals who have worked on shows like Dragonball Z, Speed Racer/ and Pokemon. That makes a big difference in animation when the voice is so important to the personality of the characters,

Secondly, the animation itself is quite charming, and the cars are quite different from those in the Disney film. There’s young Sparky, a red sportster who only wants to race, Queen Limousine, who sports a lot of royal bling, and a host of other car characters with very distinct personalities.

Most importantly, the plot is good and will hold children’s attention while not driving their parents mad.

Everyone is excited when Queen Limousine comes to attend a charity drag race, especially Sparky, who is determined to race despite his father’s disapproval.

But excitement turns to consternation when the Queen’s jewels are stolen. Suddenly, everyone is a suspect!

The plot will actually keep viewers guessing as suspects are brought forward one by one, and kids probably won’t guess the twist before the end.

Any child who enjoys Cars,Thomas the Tank Engine, or other talking vehicles will love Car’s Life 3. It is definitely buying for children ages four and up.

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