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Bobby's World is now available on DVD, and yes, it is just as endearing as you remember it to be.

DVD Review: Bobby’s World – Complete Series

Childhood memories are precious things. Nostalgia can really bring back some wonderful times, and make one feel warm inside. Perhaps seeking to serve that part of us, Amazon’s CreateSpace has helped bring MoonScoop’s Bobby’s World to DVD and streaming video at long last.

Bobby’s World is a half hour animated kids show that aired as part of FOX Kids Network through most of the 1990s. Created by and starring Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal), Bobby’s World goes inside the very active imagination of four year old Bobby Generic. Bobby doesn’t just see the world around him, but also imagines what it might be like. For instance, in the first episode, Bobby being caught picking his nose turns into a trip to a nose store so he can choose the best model. These fantasies happen every minute or so throughout each episode, and are an endearing element. Bobby takes everyday happenstance, and kicks it up to the next level.

The humor is easy accessible for children, but also entertaining enough to keep adults engaged, especially those who are parents or work with children. There are sight gags and allusions, as well as more subtle quips. The family’s last name is pronounced JEN-a-rick, instead of ‘generic,’ though other characters often confused this, and that’s joke enough. Basically, it’s a family friendly show that will delight and amuse.

The cast is fantastic. Mandel voices both Bobby and his father, Howard, as well as appearing live in framing scenes at the beginning and end of the shows. Gail Matthius (Saturday Night Live, Tiny Toon Adventures) gives Bobby’s mother, Martha, a Minnesota accent. This may not make sense, given that none of her children have been influenced by it, and she doesn’t loose it over time, but a fun inflection is always a wonderful addition to any comedy show.

Rounding out the cast is Charity James as Bobby’s sister, Kelly, who inexplicable has a Valley Girl lilt. Kevin Smets is Bobby’s brother, Derek, and Edie McClurg (Valerie’s Family, The Life & Times of Tim) is scary Aunt Ruth. Finally, Tino Insana (Three Amigos, Barnyard) is the boisterous Uncle Ted.

Many shows from childhood do not hold up over time, and seem silly or ridiculous when viewed again years later. Bobby’s World is not one of those instances. For those who see Mandel only as a game show host, it will be thrilling to remember when he was a genuinely funny comic. Each episode has several chuckle-worthy moments, and no one should be disappointed by shelling out money for Bobby’s World.

Because of the print on demand nature of this release, it seems money has not been spent to remaster the picture and sound. That really doesn’t matter. In fact, that may just add to the charm, because viewers get to watch Bobby’s World in the same quality it originally ran in. There are also no bonus features, but isn’t reliving old memories and finding they are just as great as you thought they were bonus enough?

Bobby’s World is available via streaming episodes on, or on sale by season, or as a complete series set, containing all 81 episodes, now. Pick up a copy today.

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