Thursday , November 30 2023
Bob The Builder: Teamwork Time is a delightful collection of episodes from the series with positive messages about working together.

DVD Review: Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time

Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time is an altogether charming DVD for little ones. Like many of the best educational series for children, it has a very simple premise. Bob the Builder works with machines like Scoop the backhoe loader, Dizzy the cement mixer, Muck the bulldozer, Scrambler the all-terrain vehicle, Scratch the small digger, and Roley the road roller. Each of the machines have their own personality, but they all work together to get things done. Their catch phrase is “Can we fix it? Yes we can!”

In these episodes, Dizzy tries to prove how helpful she can be by going fast, but she finds out that sometimes you have to slow down and think it through to do things right. Spud the scarecrow has a big part in a play, but goes missing right before show time and it’s up to Dizzy to save the day.

Roley wants to do a weather rap to let surfers know if it is safe to go into the water, but the weather changes and a storm comes up. Will Roley stick to his wonderful rap or tell the surfers what they really need to know?

Finally, Scrambler learns it takes a team to build a tree house and Scratch learns that you can’t solve every problem on your own.

The regular episodes are interspersed with shorts about Muck and his attempt to find a great place to get muddy without bothering anyone else, a concept a small child will be sure to relate to.

The values of this show are very positive and teach little ones important lessons about friendship and teamwork as well as quite a bit about building. It is cute and non-preachy but it gets its meaning across in a clear and simple way.

This is a safe, fun series for boys and girls, and will delight any toddler or preschooler.

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