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I think that Birds Of Prey: The Complete Series overall is a very satisfying package

DVD Review – Birds Of Prey: The Complete Series

In the summer of 2002 teasing images of a seductive and feline woman prowling the alleys of Gotham gave us the first introduction to a new TV series. It claimed that the woman was the daughter of two of the city's legends; one from the side of law and order, and one from the side of crime. The new series was coming that fall to the WB. Now that series is finally on DVD and it is Birds Of Prey: The Complete Series.

The premise is that the Dark Knight has vanished from the crime-ridden city of New Gotham, someone has to take over his legacy, but by who? Stepping up, it is a trio of beautiful and relentless heroines that includes Barbara Gordon; Batman's former protégé Batgirl. Although an attack by the Joker has left her bound to a wheelchair, she has reinvented herself as Oracle. She has taken under her wing Helena Kyle, the secret daughter of Batman and Catwoman who has now grown into the role Huntress, and Dinah Lance, a teenage runaway who was drawn to the city by visions.

Birds Of Prey: The Complete Series cast consists of Dina Meyer (Star Trek: Nemesis, Starship Troopers) as Oracle, Ashley Scott (Dark Angel, A.I) as Huntress, Rachel Skarsten (Angels in the Infield) as Dinah, Shemar Moore (The Young and the Restless) as Det. Jessie Reese, and Mia Sara (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Timecop) as Dr. Quinzel.

The Birds Of Prey series ran from October 9, 2002 through, February 19, 2003 totaling 13 episodes. The DVD contains all of the episodes and is contained on four DVDs and total running time is 541 minutes.

Included in the package as extras, is a never-collected-on-DVD, Flash-animated series called "Gotham Girls." Also included, is an unaired pilot that stars Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) as Dr. Quinzel. All of the scenes featuring the character in the aired pilot were reshot with Sara.

Even though Birds Of Prey showed a lot of promise, it got the axe after only one season. There was a lot of disappointment when the show was cut as it was starting to pick up some momentum. While it had its flaws, I found it entertaining. To the point of the DVD, it would appear that the producers were aware of the impending end, and were able to tidy things up before completing the season.

The quality of the DVD is good but many will not like the fact that the only episode that is in anamorphic widescreen is the unaired pilot; the other episodes are in letterbox widescreen. I think that Birds Of Prey: The Complete Series overall is a very satisfying package, the quality is good and well worth the time.


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