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Bisexual Tila Tequila tries her hand at "A Shot at Love."

DVD Review: A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila – The Complete Uncensored First Season

Internet sensation Tila Tequila was given her own reality dating show on MTV where she claimed to be seeking A Shot at Love. What made the series unique was that Tila is a bisexual, although she didn’t reveal that to the young men and women who were there competing for her hand, or at least a little face time on television, until after the first day of the competition, taking them all by surprise.

The contestants had to prove their love in goofy events, which usually had them scantily clad. Certainly everyone has competed for the hand of one they desired, but if eating bull penis had ever come up, I would have bowed out gracefully. At the end of each episode, Tila cut people loose with the terrible, unimaginative line, “Your shot at love has ended,” until the final episode when she selected her partner.

Throughout the series, it’s intriguing to watch how people handle pressure. Some are so desperate to fill the emptiness in their lives that they delude themselves into thinking they have fallen in love or met their new best friend, yet are able to completely reverse those feelings at the drop of a hat, which can literally be all it takes. The producers help stoke the flames of insanity by making sure the contestants always have access to a full bar. You just know that ratings glimmer sparkles in their eye when fights break out.

The DVDs are uncensored so you get to hear the breadth of the vocabulary that these valedictorians use. The Special Features include extended and deleted scenes of intensity, the physical fights and verbal confrontations, and sexiness, in the mansion’s strip club and when two of the women make out. A reunion show is also contained in the set where stand-up comic Ryan Stout – although you wouldn’t know that was his occupation considering how unfunny and lacking in personality he is – hosts a rehash of the series with the surprisingly unembarrassed contestants.

Most people are rightfully disgusted by what they see in the reality genre, but I figure why not embrace the stupidity of America’s youth and get a few laughs. It’s hard not to smile when Ashley explains his attraction to Tila with “I’ve never been with an Asian girl before, but I love Chinese food.” Besides, it’s better than crying over the notion that they are our future. Also, I find myself totally fascinated by the depths of humiliation people will put themselves through to appear on television, which is the ID proponents’ best argument against evolution.

The DVD release was timed to coincide with the debut of A Shot at Love II with Tila Tequila, which tells you that when the winner and Tila reunited it didn’t last. New episodes air Tuesdays at 10pm with multiple repeats throughout the week. It’s startling that she got a new group of contestants because Tila is so full of herself it’s nauseating. She has a rule that no one else in the house can hook up, yet she was more than willing to make out with almost everyone. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander comes to mind.

Plus, she’s ruthless. She talked this kid Michael into waxing his balls and then cut him that very night. That’s fine if you don’t like the guy, but surely his honoring the request earned him another night. She’s cruel. I wouldn’t recommend trying to date her, especially if you want to run for public office or get a job, but I would recommend peeking in at this new train wreck.

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