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Delivering on a promise: lumps of fuck and Christmas wishes.

DJRadiohead Podcast Experience Episode 9: Deck The Halls With Balls of Fuck

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Let the fucking begin! It’s Christmas time in DJRadioheadLand. The gauntlet was thrown down in the form of my first video.

For my judgment cometh, and that right soon. Santa DJ has filled his bag with fuck and lumps of fuck. Fucks for the good girls and boys. Lumps of fuck for the wicked. Be forewarned. I named names. Some of you criminals got some free promotion in this Episode 9 of The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience. In other words, this episode is perhaps the most self-referential to date. There are several inside jokes and obscure (inane) references.

We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll fuck. OK… not really. But FUCK will be spoken. We’ll speak of Sir Isaac Newton and gravity. Your spirits will rise. The children will sing. Peace will return to the valley. Rock the world on high.

No DJRadiohead Podcast Experience is complete without great music. Great music is provided. I have that covered in spades. I don’t know exactly what the fuck that means but we are just going to go with it.

Merry Christmas. And a Happy Fuckin’ New Year!

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