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Elliott Smith (1969-2003). A tribute. R.I.P., Elliott.

DJRadiohead Podcast Experience: Episode 7

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Episode 7 is a Special Edition. It is my tribute to an artist who has come to mean a great deal to me. That fact should become readily apparent to you when you hear this episode.

I try to tell Elliott’s story in this episode. At least somewhat. I give some biographical and background information on Elliott and his songs. I am pretty confident the information I am passing along is accurate. Elliott’s life and music is not always easy to penetrate. I might have gotten some things wrong or drawn some bad conclusions. I apologize in advance if I did. Most of the podcast is dedicated to Elliott’s music which is as it should be.

The first time I chose songs for this Episode, I had over an hour and a half of music selected. Even then I felt I was leaving some great stuff out. I obviously had to condense that. I will probably do a companion podcast one day with all the great songs I had to cut from Episode 7. It’s an idea.

What’s left are some of my favorite Elliott songs- they are also among his best. I worked chronologically from Roman Candle to From a Basement on the Hill. Also included is a tribute to Elliott by the amazing Ben Folds.

Elliott Smith is in my ‘pantheon.’ He is one of the all-time greats. I just cannot believe he is gone. This is an episode you won’t want to miss whether you are a current Elliott fan or a soon to be Elliott fan. I am pretty proud of how much of this one turned out.

I don’t endorse, condone, or condemn: this is the investigator’s report into Elliott Smith’s death. If you are interested in reading it, here it is. If not, don’t. The choice is yours.

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