Friday , April 12 2024
I didn't know what to expect when I put the CD in the stereo....

DJ Irene – Rockstar

After reading the press material sent with this CD, I didn’t know what to expect when I put the CD in the stereo, but I knew whatever it was would be a musical education I wouldn’t soon forget. I was right.

The CD kicks of with a lush rock sound featuring a heavy electric guitar solo, and then subtly the electronics and loops come in and transform the song into something you’d likely hear at your favorite leather-clad dance club (“Let’s Rock ‘N Roll”).

The choir on “The Anthem 2004” sends shivers of pleasure and fear down my spine every time that track comes around. I was reminded of the Elven choir on the soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but with a modern backbeat.

“Da Chase” takes a page from the Never Ending Story soundtrack, or perhaps an old Nintendo fantasy/adventure. The latter seems more appropriate as the track shifts into “Grand Theft Audio”.

I have had the CD in my stereo for quite a while now, playing it over and over. It’s even responsible for keeping me alert on a late night drive home from Seattle. The transitions from track to track are smooth and keep me from stopping the CD for anything — even staying up past my bedtime until the CD ends. The music gets under my skin and into my blood. I’ll definitely have this one on the stereo the next time I have a gathering at my house.

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