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Why are Democratic candidates running from President Obama when they should be embracing his policies?

Democratic Disappointment

I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with the Democrats running for office this year. They are a bunch of cowards, running as fast as they can from President Obama, and especially from his signature health care policy, Obamacare. Oh, and they’re also cowering from the economy under President Obama’s watch, and pretty much everything else with the faintest “liberal” tinge. They’ve let the Republicans set the agenda and spin it, subvert it and the Democrats have done little to nothing.

2014And I have to wonder why. Is the country in a far better economic state than it was when he took office? And when he was re-elected. Yes. It is. Do people like the Affordable Care Act (even in the deep red state of Kentucky) when it’s not called Obamacare? Yes, they do. Yet, instead of running on these significant improvements of American life, these guys are hiding, trying to out-Conservative the conservatives at every opportunity. Frankly, it makes me sick.

The people want immigration reform, especially that ginormous block of voters most affected by it. But Republicans fight it, and fight it, and fight it more. Why isn’t this out there? Where are the advertisements talking about immigration reform? Because the Democrats are afraid of appearing too pro-immigration reform, lest they look too liberal. Ugh.

The nation is ready for tighter firearms policy in the wake of Sandy Hook and countless other killing sprees. Why are the Democrats not running on the need for this? For the intransigence of the Republican party to do anything about it? Even the mildest changes!

Then there’s the women’s thing: equal pay for equal work, control of our own bodies, the availability of birth control and family planning services (including the, hopefully rare, need for an abortion). These are issues that should send women in droves out to the polls next month. We should be furious (I know I am). Where are the ads? The national ads? The local ads?

What about the economy? Doing better, and growing faster than it has in years.

The Dems are job killers? Hardly, not with the job growth numbers over the past few months. But to hear the Republicans tell it, the economy is worse, everything’s worse–and it’s all Obama’s fault, dammit! Why aren’t the Democrats running on the recovery? Wall Street is.

Climate change? What climate change. Heck, we had a cold winter, and here it is October 7, and we’ve already had snow in Chicago. There’s no climate change? That despite the fact that the military is already preparing, Arctic sea ice is disappearing, glaciers are melting, and California is frying in autumn triple digit temperatures and a historic drought. But, hey, it’s snowing, so. Why are the Democrats exposing the climate deniers? Do we really want to entrust our country’s environment to people who believe that climate change (and evolution, for that matter) is a myth? Where are the angry ads with drowning walruses crowded onto tiny bits of sea ice? Where are the national advertisements about the nation’s coasts imperiled by a heating planet?

Where’s the outrage among the candidates? Where’s the embracing, supporting and truth-telling about Obama’s achievements–proud achievements with maximum push-back from the Republican Congressional leadership? Full-stop blockage, in fact. The other day, President Obama said that this election is about his policies, and considering what he’s had to work with, he’s done an pretty fine job. If anything, had Congress not refused to deal with Obama on everything, things would be much better on several fronts.

I have low expectations for voter turnout next month, and to be honest, for the next two years. But there is something you can do, American Public. Vote. Exercise your right, too often taken for granted. Follow the lead of Scotland and for the sake of the country, cast your ballot, wherever you are, whatever your political persuasion. Just do it!

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