Thursday , April 18 2024
Someone has to read the bathroom wall graffiti. Why not me?

Decoding Graffiti

I will let you in on a little secret: You can learn a lot about a region by reading its bathroom graffiti. So it should come as no surprise that the graffiti I read in Shepherdstown, W. Va.- a liberal college town just across the state line from where I live – Friday night was clearly anti-President Bush.

Some was simple: A circle with "W" and a line through it. The first one I noticed said, "Get rid of Bush!" to which someone replied, "But then we’d have Cheney!"to which someone wrote, "We have to do something!"

Later a good friend and I went to the concert we went to see at Shepherd College with Beth Nielsen Chapman and others (I’ll write more on that tomorrow) I took a moment to step into a stall to scribble down my graffiti notes. And what do I see on the stall walls but this: "Hitler was a Republican" and "I want to kill the president."

I almost didn’t include that last one because I don’t want the Secret Service showing up at my door but hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

Even if the messages are on bathroom walls.

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