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Many people don’t want to get any closer to child sex abuse than what is said in a PSA.

Decline in Child Sex Abuse Reports: What Does it Really Mean?

A recent look behind the Catholic sex abuse scandal reveals a number of myths that continue to hold ground despite an ever-growing body of evidence to the contrary. Among the many asses braying is Katarina Schuth, a US expert on seminaries. She would like all of us to know the number of cases seems to have dropped off in the 1990s.

A boy born in 1991 and abused at the age of eight in 1999 is now 19 years old. What is the average age of those who report their abuse? Bear in mind the age of those who are only now feeling safe enough to report their abuse after decades of silence.

There are few authorities more powerful in the life of a child than the man who has any authority over a child and abuses him. Unless mom, grandpa, teacher, counselor or Officer Friendly offers clear and present evidence over the lifespan of that child that he is going to be protected if he tells, he’s not going to tell until he feels safe doing so.

Posters and pamphlets educate adults about protecting children. They should not be misconstrued as speaking to children. Many people don’t want to get any closer to child sex abuse than what is said in a PSA. That does nothing to help the child you shoo away because you don’t like what you’re hearing the child (attempt to or nonverbally) say.

Schuth’s logical fallacy falsely assures us of a decline in the number of children having been abused and makes the dangerous insinuation that fewer are abused right now. OR, kids who were abused in the 90s are still too young and scared to say anything to myopic dipshits who think “not reported” is the same as “didn’t happen.”

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