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Dear Wendy Will Be Released On Sept. 23 + Giveaway

Dear Wendy, a new film written by Lars von Trier (Dogville, Dancer In The Dark) and directed by Thomas Vinterberg (It’s All About Love), will be released on September 23. An official selection at the Sundance Film Festival, Dear Wendy is an exploration of guns and violence in America, starring Jamie Bell and Bill Pullman.

When a young loner named Dick (Jamie Bell) discovers a handgun, he finds himself strangely drawn to it in spite of his pacifist views. Soon he forms a secret club with other misfits in his town who collect and revere antique guns and refer to themselves as the Dandies. But despite their firm belief in the most important Dandy rule of all – “never draw your weapons” – they eventually discover that some rules are meant to be broken.

The film features a powerful international cast that includes the young British talent Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Undertow, the forthcoming Chumscrubber) in the leading role of sharp-shooting pacifist Dick Dandelion; Bill Pullman (Lost Highway, Independence Day) as the small-town sheriff Krugsby who tries in vain to maintain law and order; and a rich supporting cast of up-and-coming and already-established young actors including Michael Angarano (Almost Famous, Seabiscuit), Danso Gordon (American History X), Chris Owen (She’s All That, American Pie 1 & 2 and Hidalgo), Alison Pill (Pieces Of April) and Mark Webber (The Laramie Project, Storytelling, Bomb The System).

About the production:

Where did the idea for Dear Wendy come from?

Lars von Trier: “I can’t remember, maybe because I psychologically passed the project to Thomas.”

Thomas Vinterberg: “Initially it wasn’t the story which fascinated me as much as the idea of directing something Lars had written. We had so much fun working or playing together before. Our way of working is very different, but that was an inspiring thought. When I then read it, a number of things about it really appealed to me. Making a group portrait about such a crazy project, this experiment, was extremely inspiring. It has all these great aspects of social behaviour, which interest me as a director, and I understood why Lars felt that I could add to this project.”

Wellspring Studios and Special Ops Media are sponsoring a giveaway of card packs and Dandy pins. Please comment to enter. Giveaway ends September 23.

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