Sunday , May 26 2024
Dave Matthews Band has licensed their entire catalog for sale through the iTunes Music Store.

Dave Matthews Band Catalog Available at iTunes

Dave Matthews Band has licensed their music catalog for iTunes for the first time according to Macworld.

Eight studio albums are now available in iTunes. None of the band’s numerous live albums are being sold in iTunes yet.

The Macworld article reports the decision to make the full catalog available for purchase in iTunes came as a result of fan feedback.

Some fans were upset when DMB’s most recent studio release, Stand Up was released with a form of copy protection that made ripping the songs from a CD to an iPod difficult. Those who did not want to find ways to skirt the copy protection either had to buy the CD and not put it on their iPod, buy the album from iTunes and only have it for their iPod, or buy the CD and pay for the download.

DMB Releases Available in iTunes:

  • Remember Two Things
  • Recently
  • Under the Table and Dreaming
  • Crash
  • Before These Crowded Streets
  • Everyday
  • Busted Stuff
  • Stand Up

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