Monday , May 16 2022

Culture and Society

Broadband Fools

Broadband, everything is dependent upon broadband to move to the next level of services, content, etc via the Internet. The single use most driving the expansion of broadband right now is P2P trading. So what do European ISPs want to do now? Limit usage – could they be more retarded? …

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Pretenders to the Throne

With her legal problems swarming like avenging dust balls, I find I dislike Martha Stewart less now. Perhaps it’s simply because she has been keeping a lower profile so I haven’t had to deal with her craft-nazi smugness, or perhaps she is less smug now with the prospect of prison …

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‘Tis the Season

You might as well stop fighting all of the 9/11 anniversary activity out there for the next week and go with the flow. Steve Kelly has just launched “36 Views of the World Trade Center,” “a communal art/photography project commemorating the WTC, inspired by the Japanese artist Hokusai’s ’36 Views …

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