Sunday , February 5 2023


Interview: Deepak Malhotra – Author of ‘Negotiating the Impossible’

An interview with Harvard professor Deepak Malhotra, whose new book, "Negotiating the Impossible", offers captivating examples — from world history, sports and business — and effective tools that readers can apply to resolve their own conflicts, whether in work, life, or family.

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Book Review: ‘How Performance Management Is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It’ by M. Tamra Chandler

"How Performance Management is Killing Performance - and What to do About It" by M. Tamra Chandler is a vital new book on how to rethink, redesign, and reboot performance management.

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Interview: Richard Lindenmuth, Interim CEO and author of ‘The Outside the Box Executive’

Interim CEOs are like the Navy Seals of company executives. Patricia Gale sat down with Richard Lindenmuth to talk about leading under pressure, how overcomes everything from drought to jittery employees, and his book, "The Outside the Box Executive".

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Techies in the Workplace: 10 Non-Tech Skills IT Pros Need

IT skills are among the most essential in today’s business world. But they may not be enough. Just because you’re great at IT doesn’t mean you’ll forever be considered a valuable business asset. You must be able to showcase a few additional, valuable skills. Fortunately, many pros are able to …

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