Tuesday , August 16 2022
Originally slated for a September 23rd release, it has been pushed up a week to Friday September 16th.

Cry Wolf Release Date Pushed Up

In the category of titles imitating life, Cry Wolf, Rogue Pictures’ forthcoming release starring Jon Bon Jovi, has cried wolf on its release date. Originally slated for a September 23rd release, it has been pushed up a week to Friday September 16th.

What starts as a practical joke following the murder of a young woman, gradually develops into something all too real. A group of high school students invent a serial killer called “The Wolf” in an attempt to frighten their classmates. Going so far as to describe and predict his upcoming victims in an attempt to put a scare into them, things start to go awry when the “victims” actually start to turn up dead in the manner predicted.

When the perpetrators of the joke become the targets of the mysterious hunter, the line between truth and fiction disappears.

If you want to check out more, the Cry Wolf website will let you view the trailer, download all sorts of cool stuff, and join the wolfpack, an online fan group.

There’s no mention of the movie’s director, but the rest of the cast includes the usual young and beautiful teenagers to be sliced and diced: Julian Morris, Lindy Booth, and Jared Padalecki share billing with Jon Bon Jovi. Since it’s rated PG-13, you can probably expect the usual amount of violence, but not much nudity. It’s still more acceptable to chop someone to bits than to show their bits in public.

They offer you a whole slew of options for seeing a teaser trailer: Quick Time High, Quick Time Low, Media Player High, and Media Player Low.

So if this type of flick is your type of fright, remember, Cry Wolf will be coming to a screen near you one week earlier than previously announced: September 16th instead of September 23rd.

More thoughts on the film from Chris Beaumont and some cool pics here.

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