Monday , April 22 2024
I don't often get to eat it, but I love a good breakfast cereal.

Contemplating the Perfect Breakfast

Breakfast is, we are so often told, the most important meal of the day. I accept that, I truly do. My problem is that when I wake up in the morning I’m never hungry. It takes me a good couple of hours usually to actually feel hungry in the morning. By that time I’m always off doing other things (i.e., work) and breakfast has fallen by the wayside. It’s a shame, a downright shame — I love breakfast foods and I don’t usually get to eat them because I don’t eat breakfast.

Yes, on the weekends I’ll often get to have pancakes or waffles or some other delicious breakfast goodie of a similar nature, but that’s because it’s more brunch than breakfast. They’re still delicious and everything (I do make a mean stack of pancakes and a pretty good Belgian waffle, one of those things I learned in my Dad’s kitchen), but I all too often miss out on a delicious bowl of Cheerios. Or, Grape Nuts, I’m terribly partial to Grape Nuts as they only get better in milk. They never end up soggy and ruined, they suck up almost all the milk you put into the bowl and never quite lose their crunch — it’s just fantastic.

I was never one for those sugary breakfast cereals, the idea of Cookie Crisp was always great, and I could eat one or two of them dry, but put them in milk and it was just an overly sweet mess. I had the same problem with Froot Loops, Cocoa Puffs, and Count Chocula. One of the few exceptions to this rule was Cocoa Krispies. They had to be eaten relatively quickly due to the sogginess factor, but they tasted good and I ended up with all that delicious chocolate milk when the cereal was gone (have you seen that they make ChocoNilla Krispies now?).

Over at UnSpun (where, it is true, I’m also a writer), they have, naturally, a Best Breakfast Cereal list. Take a look:

I guess it’s not surprising that Cheerios appears at the top spot — it’s a cross-generational favorite, but I am surprised that Frosted Mini-Wheats is so high (number 3 as I write this); are there that many people out there who enjoy Frosted Mini-Wheats? Sure, they have delicious frosting and have, I guess, wheaty goodness, but I’ve never really enjoyed the taste. Apparently I’m the only one who feels that way, but I’m not going to let it deter me.

I think that on the rare occasions I get to eat cereal I’m going to stick with my Grape Nuts. They’re not flashy, but they’ve worked for me for years and are just plain delicious.

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