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Crystal Fighters electrify Kitsuné Club Night at the Mezzanine.

Concert Review: Crystal Fighters at the Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA 3/22/12

Fresh off their turn at SXSW, Crystal Fighters (Sebastian Pringle, Gilbert Vierich, Graham Dickson, Ellie Fletcher, and Andrea Marongiu) set out on a quick U.S. jaunt, making stops in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and just last Thursday, San Francisco.

On March 22, the Mezzanine hosted Kitsuné Club Night featuring the London-based band, along with supporting acts Computer Magic and Seventeen Evergreen.

At first glimpse, the Mezzanine’s patrons seemed to just be in the mood to take a spirited edge off before the weekend. There was a fair amount of interest paid to the supporting acts, but around 10 minutes to midnight, the audience on the dance floor grew as the Crystal Fighters took to the stage.

The band managed to captivate the crowd within moments of launching into their first song. As the bass pulsated off the walls, everyone was up dancing for the near 60-minute set to the band’s intense Basque-influenced electro-dance/punk rock sound.

I’ve been to plenty of shows where the bands have been present and energetic, but Crystal Fighters truly redefine what it means to put on a high energy live performance.

Every member of the band was a driving force behind the set. It never felt like all the weight was placed solely on Pringle’s shoulders; they all seemed to play off of one another’s energy, and it was pretty compelling to watch.

Throughout the course of their set, the band took the audience through the tracks off their full-length album, Star of Love, which is set to be re-released in the U.S. later this spring. Tracks like “I Love London” and “Solar System” received huge responses from the dancing audience. However, it was their current single, “Plage,” that seemed to garner the most cheers from the crowd, who sang along during the chorus.

What I really enjoyed about Crystal Fighters’ set was watching their unique sound come together on stage. They’re able to take what you hear on their record and really elevate it to the next level. It was fascinating to see how each layer of their sound blends together on stage.

Hands down, Crystal Fighters put on one of the most electrifying live shows that I’ve come across in recent years. They are definitely an act to keep an eye on.

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