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If you’re looking for something that is sometimes macabre with an irreverent sense of humor; this may be the new comic for you.

Comic Book Review: Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth #1

Illustrator M.K. Perker is pretty well known in comic book circles, but writer Ken Kristensen is making his comic book debut with Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth. Ken Kristensen was awarded the Gree Nicholl Fellowship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his semi-autobiographical script, Out of Breath. That is the organization responsible for handing out Oscars once a year, in Hollywood. Actually, the Eisner nominated artist for Air, Perker teamed up with Kristensen on a short story for Dark Horse’s Escapist anthology which is currently on hiatus and yet to be published.

The first issue of the comic book Todd is at the very least an interesting read. The beginning starts with a scene very similar to the ending of Toy Story 3, though it gets sideways awfully quickly. The series is described as a collision of comedy, sex, and violence and two out of the three are covered in the first couple of pages. The violence, however, follows only shortly behind and will have you wondering what kind of story this is. From the first issue, I could best describe it as little bit Candyman painted in a My Name is Earl palette.

In Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth, the main character is apparently so ugly, he is never seen without a brown paper bag over his head. Todd is a friendly kid and in many ways remains me of South Park’s Butters. The publisher reveals that “Todd wants desperately to make friends, but every kid he approaches winds up decapitated, or worse. Meanwhile, Todd’s mother is on a mission to get even with her husband who she believes is having an affair.” The family dynamic isn’t entirely revealed in the first issue, but the Todd series will surely reveal more as it continues.

Image Comics is releasing Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth on January 16, 2013 at an MSRP of $2.99. The first issue weighs in at about 23 pages of full color. The series promises to take reader along for the misadventures of America’s most dysfunctional family as they go head-to-severed head with an Oprah-loving ax murderer, a cult-crazy soap opera star, and a neo-Nazi prison gang. In many ways, Todd is a refreshing read and if you’re looking for something that is sometimes macabre with an irreverent sense of humor; this may be the new comic for you.

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