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Titus' latest album is a non-stop rant on topics and thoughts we all have, but would rarely spout.

Comedy CD Review: Christopher Titus – Neverlution!

Christopher Titus, the all-American guy and “working class Joe” comedian who has excited and enthralled fans with his take on humor has done it again.   Neverlution! is a non-stop rant on topics and thoughts we all have, but would rarely spout.

Titus’ views on life in America, work, family and social issues is a no holds barred and honest description of what is going on. I first saw Titus in his Comedy Central performance Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding, a video where he bears his soul and his life to us with no edits, and this performance is no different. Neverlution is both vibrant with comedic symbolism and vicious with nailing down what Titus feels is wrong with everyone and everything.

We all have those days–the kind of day where we wake up and look out at the world and feel like it’s all about to blow up in our faces: the economy, the daily change in socially acceptable behavior, how someone tries to dictate to us that what we do is wrong and how the government is pushing all of us into poverty while our “Rome” burns down to the ground, and in Neverlution!, Titus, in all of his gut-busting prose and philosophical ranting, is a voice of reason – which could mean we really have it bad!

As a witness to the “dumbing down of America”, Titus lets us know exactly what he thinks of everything, from the presidency to terrorism; from the DMV to the supermarket; and from our love of technology to infatuation to reality television. Titus spins his tales of constant confusion into a great big ball of venom and throws it back into the face of the oppressive and often frustrating black cloud monster we have hovering over our heads every time we read a newspaper or turn on the tube.

Recorded live at The Wheeler Opera House in Aspen Colorado, Titus straps us into the virtual rollercoaster of fun and over the course of a wonderfully produced two CD disc set, takes us down to our knees laughing all the way at everything and everyone who has ever given us reason to invest in a baseball bat and a flak jacket. Nothing is sacred or safe from his bombing run of whimsical and spurn-filled commentary.

Neverlution! is a great album and lets you vent your opinion by proxy.  You will not only laugh but find yourself nodding in agreement and wishing that Titus would run for political office; with a man like him in power, at least we would know what to expect.

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