Sunday , April 5 2020

Coldplay Album Due This Spring is reporting Coldplay are putting the finishing touches on an as yet untitled album due in stores this spring.

NME.COM heard six tracks – ‘Square One’, ‘Talk’, ‘‘Till Kingdom Come’, ‘X&Y’, ‘What If’ and ‘The Hardest Part’. The material shows a huge progression from the classic Coldplay sound, mixing their trademark anthems with ’70s electronica. David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Brian Eno are all influences, while ‘Talk’ features the riff from Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer Love’.

The new Coldplay will be one of the most heavily scrutinized and eagerly awaited releases of 2005. How will fans react to songs that apparently travel in new sonic directions? Can Coldplay pull off these new musical ideas without losing their identity? How has celebrity marriage and fatherhood affected Chris Martin’s songwriting? Has it affected Chris Martin’s songwriting? Will Martin’s political activism work its way into the lyrics?

A Rush of Blood to the Head was one of 2002’s masterworks. The band has a lot to live up to with album #3.

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