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Chris Glover – Hell Isn’t Even That Funny Review

Chris Glover aims to make music that is good, but what he ends up doing is reinvigorating music. Hell Isn’t That Funny is one of the most original blends of rock, pop, rap, hip-hop and R&B and it makes for easy listening and downright satisfaction to the ears and mind. This is an early review.

The tracks flow as if Chris Glover is singing/rapping about the scenery while walking through different sections of a city. It’s weird, but one seems to be comfortable in each section and call it home. The opening track “Stand On Your Seat” is the most radio-friendly tune, and one wonders why it isn’t – on the radio. All it takes is one song to motivate and inspire more variety on the airwaves. Maybe everyone is just waiting until “Something You Already Knew” to hit radio to act. It seems like the perfect anthem for today’s youth.

“Gopola Govinda Rama” would be the closest to being downhearted, but somehow Glover is able to maintain an upbeat atmosphere despite the low-tone beats. Upbeat doesn’t just describe the song, but the entire album as well. Somehow, the album feels both uniform and jumbled at the same time.

From the flashy zoom of “Never So Far Away” to the Jesus-folksy “Holy Moses”, the album coalesces the many moods of living down to a 44-minute album. I don’t think many city-long walks go that fast, so maybe Glover frequently traffics the bus to his destinations. Either way, there doesn’t seem like there will be a cloud in the sky for about the next 48 hours, and easy roads ahead.

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