Thursday , February 25 2021

Children Are Cruel

This site – like so many others we notice – is disturbing, hilarious, and/or even touching, sometimes all at the same time. It’s “the least coherent encyclopaedia of playground insults on the internet” called The Law of the Playground.

Here are two:

    at least i have a mom, not two dads and a hole in the wall
    I swear someone said this to me as a comeback to a “your momma” joke but to this day I have no clue what he meant…
    (posted on 16 Jan 2003 by anonymous user)
    Suggest another story for this subject

    Cutting sarcastic putdown used by a maths teacher, when a pupil answers a question without stating the units.

    TEACHER: “what’s the volume of a cube with sides of 2cm each?”
    PUPIL: “eight”
    TEACHER: “eight what? bananas?”

    Pupils would often fall out of their chairs and asphyxiate with laughter.
    (posted on 2 Jan 2003 by peter taste)

They solicit your input that does not suck. When I was in elementary school in SoCal, we had a male teacher who was the playground supervisor and he liked nothing better than a good insult, the dirtier the better, “but only on the playground.” He also liked creative spitting and figured a little chin music made men out of boys in fast-pitch softball – he would be out of step with today’s scholastic ethos I think it fair to say.

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