Thursday , May 23 2024

Child Molester Dies In Prison – Who Cares?

I certainly don’t. And why should anyone else? I have always found it funny, in an ironic way that the lowest level of scum even among the prison society has been child molesters. I guess the image of small children being taken advantage of physically, while they endure mental injury, and emotional battery, insults even the most violent criminal.

So, I am left wondering, what is the media’s purpose of making such a HUGE deal about this latest prison killing? Are they trying to say that prison justice is equal to legal justice? Are the sex crimes of a priest more vile than those of your average deviant citizen? Or maybe they are just laughing at the sweet, sweet irony of it all.

Well of course, prison justice is to be frowned on, and we as a society don’t want to condone this sort of thing, but I for one not only advocate the mauling and maiming of child molesters in prison, I applaud it.

Yes, you can say I find their acts beneath contempt and death is the only just end to someone who inflicts their sickness on the innocent mind and body of a child.

You will find no sympathy for this person here.

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