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The Beautiful Effect by Wahba offers upbeat and uplifting worship in song.

CD Review: Wahba – The Beautiful Effect

One often looks to spiritual music for an emotional lift. Beyond the religious message, the music itself is often empowering, stunning, and warm. The Beautiful Effect is no exception to this rule. Just released last month, this is the third CD from Wahba in as many years.

[ADBLOCKHERE]Before releasing his previous album, Proskyneo which can be described as funky rock blended with modern worship, Wahba has graced the same stage as artists such as Collective Soul, Blues Traveler, Eve 6, Telecast, and Jonah33.

The Beautiful Effect, a concept album, is divided into two sections, “The Beauty” and “The Effect,” with six songs in each section. It explores several different styles: some tracks feature beautiful choral harmonies, while others are more contemporary and modern, but it has a definite flow and all works together. “The Beauty” focuses on the impact of religion, while the songs on “The Effect” are the more traditional songs of worship.

The track “All That We Need” is one of those uplifting and up-tempo songs with the message of worship and appreciating all that one is given in grace. It has a very mainstream pop feel to it and is quite catchy; similarly “Blessed One” is also musically comparable to something you would hear on an adult contemporary station.

In contrast, for me, “Everlasting” is the one blemish on the CD. It contrasts in every way to the other tracks, both in the instrumentation and the lyrics. I would stop short of calling the song depressing.

Commenting on The Beautiful Effect, Wahba said:

God seems to have made everything better on this record. From songwriting to production quality to my abilities as a singer and a musician … He’s given me the ability to improve on all of them.

If you enjoy spiritual music that is contemporary and light, I think Wahba’s The Beautiful Effect will be a welcome addition to your music collection. Information on Wahba, The Beautiful Effect, and tour dates can be found at the artists website.

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