Monday , May 20 2024
Most EPs and albums contain at least one song that is inferior - this one does not have that.

CD Review: Sound the Alarm

Ring a bell, yell at the top of your lungs, alert your friends or, well, Sound the Alarm.

Why the fuss?

Because the Sound the Alarm EP is one of the best I have heard in several years. Some reviewers compare their sound to Fall Out Boy. All I know is I can put it on, relax, and enjoy it. It doesn’t sound like anything I already own and I’m disappointed when it’s over, so I’ve been known to put it on repeat.

The band has opened for Sun 41, A Static Lullaby, and The Starting Line.
To listen to the music it would be hard to believe that the musicians in the band are younger than 21 and have only been together since 1999.

The lyrics are also good.
Here is a verse from the song “Cutting Deep”:

You blame me, as if to
Distort my honest point of view
A sharper focus now on you
Cut, cut, cut, cutting deep
Old symptoms taking hold of me
This fever marks my slow disease

Most EPs and albums contain at least one song that is inferior – this one does not have that.

I think the band has a great future ahead of them.

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