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CD Review: Eric Himan One Night Stands

There’s something special about live recordings; raw, unrehearsed and real. One Night Stands is no exception. The arrangements are simple, the delivery is honest and uncomplicated, and the focus is on the strong and powerful lyrics which are about the essence of us all, pure emotion.

In 2000, Eric Himan broke onto the indi music scene with the release of his first CD, Eric Himan, five years, four CDs, and more then seventy-five collegiate shows later, he is making quite a name for himself.

I got my first look-see and listen to Eric Himan in Ann Arbor, MI, this year when he performed at a CD signing for Steven Page. Impressed by the connection he makes with his audience, I picked up Dark Horses before we had left the Border’s. When I heard he was releasing the live recording, One Night Stands, I immediately placed my order.

Complete with song stories and introductions, Eric delivers his songs of life from three different clubs; Bitter End (NYC), World Café Live (Philadelphia), and Off Broadway (St. Louis).

Peppered in with the fourteen previously recorded tracks are three new songs; “In My Shoes,” “Let It In,” and “Bartender.” “In My Shoes,” is a classic example of Himan’s hauntingly poetic lyrics, and they are delivered with an eerie longing that fits the song’s mood. “Let it In,” is also a passionate heart felt plea. When Eric Himan is not being passionate and poetic, he is bringing a light humor to music. Reminiscent of “White Horse” is the third new song, “Bartender.” It is playful and he uses it to poke fun at himself, while identifying a common emotion, “Why do I fall in love with the bartender?”

The mp3 can be heard at the aritist’s myspace profile

A listing of upcoming shows can be found at the artists website.

One Night Stands is currently only available through the artists website or

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