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Hearing these old songs was as comfortable as a pair of Jordache jeans or purple converse high tops.

CD Review: Bryan Adams Anthology

Anthology, the two disc retrospective release from Bryan Adams, opens fittingly with “Remember” as the album, for me, is about just that. It is a virtual hope chest of music, good times, and my growing up years. Hearing these old songs on the first disc was as comfortable as an old pair of Jordache jeans or a pair of a purple converse high tops and just as much fun when you find them again.

The CD set hit stores October 18. The aged classics are all completely re-mastered and two new releases are thrown into the mix of solid classic pop.

As “Remember” sings,

Remember the time we spent together,
Remember the days that went forever,

All of the old memories are on the two disc set, including, “Cuts Like a Knife,” “Somebody,” “Run to You,” and of course the classic “Summer of ’69.” If you were coming of age in the early 80’s like I was, this song has to hold the same heartfelt reminiscence of your own “summer that seem to last forever,” be it ’69 or ’85. The words ring true and hearing the song again took me right back there.

Anthology spans Adams’ entire career to date. The second disc contains his more recent hits. “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman,” and a live Version of “18 till I die,” are just a couple worth mentioning. It also includes the new song, “So Far, So Good,” and a duet featuring Pamela Anderson, “When You’re Gone.” Yes, I said Pamela Anderson. The song is interesting, a novelty of sorts. Adams’ voice seems a bit strained as he reaches to harmonize with Anderson, but the song itself is catchy and true to the pop styling of his other songs.

Bryan has recorded other duets as well, “It’s Only Love,” with Tina Turner, topped the charts in 1984 and is featured on the CD as well as “Rock Steady”. A live version of this Bonnie Raitt duet is included and originally appeared on Adams’ Live In Lisbon 2005 release.

Aside from the two CDs, in its initial run Anthology also includes a limited edition DVD of a previously unreleased concert shot on Super 8 and 16mm film at the Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal in February 2005. A very nice bonus, the concert delivers all the classics mentioned here in a format that is what music is all about, raw and energetic. There’s something very classic about the presentation, and if you’re lucky enough to pick up one of these initial sets that include the DVD I’m sure you will be thrilled.

If you are a Bryan Adams fan, or just a fan of classic pop, I encourage you to pick up Anthology, slip into the Jordache jeans and the converse high tops, and enjoy the memories.

Bryan Adams is currently touring. Upcoming dates can be found at the artists personal web site’s, Tour Page

Click the links below to find audio streams from “When You’re Gone” and “Summer of ’69.”

“When You’re Gone” (featuring Pamela Anderson)

“Summer Of `69”

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