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CD Review: Blink The Brightest, Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham’s Blink The Brightest (Zoe Records) is a collection of powerful lyrics and catchy accompaniments. With her powerful voice and wide range, she delivers heartfelt songs that are true to the human heart.

On the first single and opening track, “Something Beautiful”, she demonstrates just how wide that range is scaling octaves without a hint of effort. We also see immediately her ability to use brutally honest and emotional lyrics and still convey them with poetic finesse.

“Whether you fall” is a first hand look at what a powerful instrument Bonham possesses in her voice. Just her and her piano, it’s a very personal and timely twist on the classic ballad.

“And the World has the Nerve to Keep Turning” is an example of just how honest and from the heart she can get with her lyrics.

the kid inside your head

keeps asking why the

world has the nerve to keep turning?

and why the sun has the balls to keep burning?

and why the moon has the gall to keep staring?

and why your heart can not stop caring stop caring stop caring?

Stripped down emotions we’ve all felt with the same confused anger we’ve all wallowed in when suffering from a broken heart.

A direct contrast is the song, “And we got off”. The song is whimsical and fun in both words and melody. Light and amusing, it again highlights all her talents in voice and instrument.

Blink the Brightest has quickly become a favorite in my CD player and on my iPod play list, and I’m certain it will become one of yours as well.

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