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John Ray is hosting the Carnival this week:

    I am pleased to be the Carnival host this week. A lot of work but interesting. Bigwig can put me down for another turn any time he likes.

    So here goes (in order of receipt):

    Photomatt has some great hints on how to do your blogroll.

    Clubbeaux (No. 1) asks: “Who’s a better friend to America, NATO “ally” Greece or Turkey?”

    Clubbeaux (No. 2) asks: “What exactly is “tolerance?””

    Clubbeaux (No. 3) asks: “When did the postwar world change?”

    Revealed Truth has a spoof debate between the contenders for the upcoming Democrat Presidential nomination.

    Observations of a Misfit has some coffee secrets.

    Dean’s World has some thoughts on Christian bashing in the media and elsewhere.

    A Small Victory has a great Winter photo essay.

    Occam’s Toothbrush has found out why “oleaginous” is a good word for the French. (It means “oily”! — oil, oil, get it?)

    The People’s Republic of Seabrook is quoting Ronald Reagan! — and giving us some great pictures from the Johnson Space Center.

    The People’s Republic of Seabrook (No. 2) has a tribute to astronaut Willie McCool

    Amish Tech Support has some hints on how to stop a cameraman filming you.

    Useful Fools has a spoof US reply to the North Korean threat.

    Useful Fools (No. 2) says that there can be no draft dodgers in the war on terror.

    IMAO has a spoof terrorist FAQ

    Solonor’s Inkwell thinks the war on terror is stripping Americans of their individual liberties.

    Ravenwood has a list of celebrities whom he thinks should stick to what they are good at and otherwise shut up.

    Ravenwood (No. 2) points out the importance of running credit checks on anyone you plan to employ.

    Ravenwood (No. 3) enlightens us about the nonsense surrounding ballistic fingerprinting.

    The Declarer thinks we should settle Antarctica before we explore Mars.

    The Talking Dog does not like restrictions on the holding of demonstrations. He thinks he might become a protestor himself.

    Blogatron describes the Povich talk show as a “particular brand of naked, soulless, grasping evil”

    Cognocentric muses about the future direction of the space program

    Pete wishes some woman would stalk him.

    Pete (No. 2) has a meditation on the space shuttle disaster.

    Eleven Day Empire thinks the shuttle enquiry is getting a bit childish.

    Eleven Day Empire (No. 2) attacks Lefty economist Krugman as a Luddite for questioning the space program.

    Eleven Day Empire (No. 3) attacks other critics of the space progam.

    Everything Must Go roadtests a $2 bottle of wine!

    Silent Running has some scenarios of what Saddam MIGHT do before we dispose of him.

    Kalyr has a post about when certain Rock bands Jumped the shark

    Alisa in Wonderland says that the French are brainwashed but they still hate the Arabs more than the Jews.

    Viking Pundit explains why celebrities tend to lean Left politically (Post of 10th — his permalinks are not working)

    Tim Dunlop summarizes this entry as Just to think that it all began on an uneventful morn…. (I don’t get it so maybe I don’t understand Lefty bloggers or maybe his permalinks are playing up)

    You Bigmouth mourns the death of a cat.

    MTPolitics has a sheep joke.

    MTPolitics (No. 2) tears some more chunks out of liberal columnist Morford.

    Northwest Notes has a bicycle story.

    Acidman is trying to cope with turning 51

    Foolsblog has a laugh at a big media writer who still does not realize that the Bin Laden letter is a fake.

    Ipse Dixit wants help with a Google bomb.

    The Heretic thinks it is OK for celebrities to talk about the war. Freedom of nutty speech you might call it.

    Floyd County Fragments has a post for dog-lovers.

    Jimspot has some comments on the crazy San Francisco marijuana trial where jurors were told only half the story.

    Jimspot (No. 2) is also irate at education authorities in hanging-chad country who will not allow students to fail exams.

    Wylie is not very pleased by news about Baptist homosexuals.

    The Raving Atheist
    questions the interjection of religion into the Columbia space shuttle tragedy.

    The Shark has a laugh at the way liberals have flip-flopped over foreign intervention by the USA since the days of the Yugoslav intervention.

    The Truth Laid Bear opens a new cross-blog Iraq debate (For the pro-war side)

    And Stand Down is co-ordininating the anti-war side of the debate.

    Nostradumbass is saying something about Viggo Mortensen but I have no idea what or why. Esoteric humour, I think.

    The Rant says that the obstructionism of France, Germany and Russia has resulted in a great deal of speculation, but all of it misses the point. This is not about oil or morality or French insecurities. This is the return of Realpolitik.

    Little Tiny Lies has some “Coffee pornography”

    Little Tiny Lies (no. 2) also sent his own scam letter TO Nigeria.

    Hello Bloggy believes that the strong homosexual influence in Hollywood results in its films being largely anti-family.

    Silflay Hraka believes that alcohol is the cause of and the solution to all of life’s problems. He likes English Real Ale so he may have a point.

    Views on the News points out what a tiny minorrity the nudists for peace are. (Permalink a bit erratic. You may have to scroll down).

    I have no idea what This is about. I think it is a shaggy dog story.

    NEXT WEEK the Carnival will be at The People’s Republic of Seabrook. His Email address.

    And THANKS to Bigwig for devising and administering the Carnival.

    FINALLY: Fran Mason writes:

    A thought to take or leave as you see fit: When Silflay Hraka introduced the Carnival, he asked people to submit one piece, saying that (if I remember right) if they sent more than one, he would narrow it down to one on his own. Lately I’ve noticed more and more people submitting two or three pieces.


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