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Pack O Game

Card Games Review: ‘Pack O Game’ from Perplext

The Pack O Game line from Perplext gives us card games that are as easy to carry as a pack of gum. Often tabletop games come with extensive sets of pieces or bulky packaging. Pack O Game goes in the opposite direction, with no wasted space in the box. Each of 16 games is made up of elongated cards just three inches long and an inch wide. Yet there is a stunning variety of strategy and play among the sets. To take a look at just three of them:

BUS is a game for two to three players competing to be the most effective driver on the route. Play begins with a “board” set up by creating square patterns with Road cards. A small deck of Passenger cards is set aside, and each player takes up a Bus card. Players move their buses on their turns, collecting Passenger cards that give not only the point value for delivering the passengers to their stop but also the number of spaces the bus must move. Players will have to count carefully and use effective strategy to maximize their actions as well as their points.

GYM gives pairs of players the opportunity to face off as coaches seeing who can build the best team. The phases of play are straightforward: players take turns picking Kids from the roster and then play through Events like weightlifting and basketball. Players add up points from their Kids to see who wins each Event.

The twist in play comes from players who strategically pick the Brats, stubborn Kids who contribute few points but give the player the ability to shift which Events will be played or activate special moves, such as swapping Kids out of the opponent’s hand. GYM offers a low learning curve for new players, while the variety in action choice will give veteran players ample room for advanced strategies.

SOW is a charming game for two to four players with the goal of growing flowers and creating the most beautiful bouquet. Play begins by setting up a circular field in which players spend their turns collecting and placing cards. Each last card placed is flipped, turning seeds into flowers. Players can also change up the board, rotating the order of play with the Windmill, or removing cards from play with the mischievous Gopher. When the game ends, players add up points based on the colors chosen from their wheelbarrows. New players will work toward maximizing their own points, while more experienced players may keep an eye out for opponents’ collections and seek to sabotage them, adding more and more levels to SOW depending on who is playing the game.

Each Pack O Game is a card game for two or more players. They are all fairly quick, lasting about 10 to 20 minutes, or even shorter for experienced players who can anticipate their next move. Ages 10 and up is recommended since many of the games can require in-depth strategic thinking and planning.

With perhaps the best portability in the gaming world while taking a break from screens, Pack O Game games allow players to start a pickup game just about anywhere. The games are perfect for lunch times, studying game theory in classes, or just finding a moment to unwind.

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