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Card Game Review: Wrath Expansion for Draconis Invasion from Keji

The Wrath Expansion for Draconis Invasion from Keji Inc serves as much as a sequel as it does more gameplay. Continuing the Draconis Invasion base game, the Wrath Expansion presents a dark fantasy world with heroic armies defending the realm from malicious invaders. This new addition shares the same top production quality, especially in its haunting artwork characterized by darkness with bright lighting. The art sets players in the thematic mood for great glory against the continual onslaught of doom.

The base game for Draconis Invasion set up a smooth flow of play with turns following A-BCDEF phases with actions, buying cards, drawing campaign cards, and defeating invaders. Eliminating and Forwarding additions from the first addition polished the gameplay to allow for less time spent on trash and more on action. Players build their decks into more and more powerful armies, all the while working to outpace the coming tide of destruction from the invaders. With cooperative play necessary to defeat the deck of enemies, individuals also seek to win by gathering the most glory.

In the Wrath Expansion, the story behind Draconis Invasion goes on in epic levels. The invasion from the base game is over, and now the armies of light are in pursuit of the retreating darkness to eradicate the threat forever. As players work through the campaign, new creatures and abilities come into play with each battle. This prevents a steep learning curve that could slow down players from getting into the game. Instead, fresh options and threats come piece by piece, giving a new feeling of thrill with the end of each battle.

Throughout the Wrath Expansion, the flavorful story continues through stages, each serving as a new game following the Draconis Invasion setup. The pursuit initially goes smoothly as players learn the system, but tension rises when the king’s forces push too far. In the fourth and ninth stages, the game changes abruptly with terrible monsters suddenly rearing their heads. Each stage comes with a deck of additional cards. These are packaged in their own wrappers, adding to the intrigue of what will happen next. It is tempting to open them early to peek at the coming monsters and powers, but the game is best played by revealing a stage as it comes into play. With over 400 cards in the expansion, there is plenty to see, everything in its time.

Draconis Invasion is a card game for one to six players age 14 and up. Games are of moderate length, taking 45 minutes to an hour to play through. With 12 stages, the Wrath Expansion provides hours of gameplay, especially since it can act as a solo game or with a group for cooperative play. Then, as players become familiar with the cards, they may choose what cards to adopt into Versus play. This provides even more variety to the game, making Draconis Invasion burst with replayability.

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